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Keynote Speaker & Presenters

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Magician and Autistic Self-Advocate

Cody Clark is a professional magician/autistic self-advocate from Louisville, Kentucky. He places his magic within real life's magic moments, giving his shows a more personal and relatable touch. Hel also shares the honest ins and outs of being autistic in his shows and "magi-talks" given to educators, support professionals, disabled adults, students, and corporations. His goal is for people to realize that differences such as autism are nothing to be scared of- but rather a different way of thinking. 

His past clients include major universities like University of Kentucky, Northern Arizona University, and Ohio State University, corporations like Energizer Batteries, Delta Faucets, and Iron Mountain, and even magic legend and fellow Kentuckian, Lance Burton!

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Tracy Foster

Parent and Author

Tracy Foster Francis is a mother of three amazing children; the youngest of whom is a child with developmental disabilities. Tracy has spent the last twenty-two years navigating the world, looking at it from a different perspective and looking at it as a mother who only wants the best for her child.

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Professional Manager, Chariton Valley Association - Center for Human Services

Michael is a professional with over two decades of experience working with people with developmental disabilities. Currently, Michael works as a Professional Manager at Chariton Valley Association, a proud partner of Center for Human Services. He is passionate about assistive technology and how it can help people live as independently as possible. Michael is an advocate for utilizing assistive technology for people with disabilities because he has personally seen improved quality of life for people, who use these services, that he supports. 

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Andy Magruder

Service Coordinator, Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability board

Andy Magruder is a Service Coordinator with Adair County SB40 Developmental Disability and has work in this position for 10 of his 13 years with company. Andy has over 26 years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities.

The Adair County SB40 is a proud leader of Assistive Technology. They have numerous individuals who use assistive technology in all areas of their lives. Assistive technology allows individuals to live with greater independence and lessens their dependence on others. Andy, along with other service coordinators, has linked individuals to countless types of assistive technology including:  remote monitoring, Orcam My Eye Pro, talking glucometers, blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, sensors that monitor health and safety, automated medication dispensers and so much more. Assistive technology is also tremendously helpful to agencies. In some cases, it can be used as a substitute for staff. Finally, assistive technology is pragmatic for tax payers by offering oversight equivalences that is monetarily cost efficient.

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Morgan Henderson, MSEd, MT-BC

Music Therapist - Board Certified

Owner:  Music Moves Music Therapy Services, LLC

Morgan Henderson earned a bachelor degree in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa and became a board-certified music therapist in 2012. She has provided music therapy services for adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities for her entire career.

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Sandy Keyser

Employment First Specialist,

Missouri Department of Mental Health; Division of Developmental Disabilities

Sandy Keyser has been an Employment First Specialist for the Division DD since 2012. Prior to that, she worked as a Support Coordinator from 2004 - 2012. During that time, her caseload primarily included young adults transitioning from high school to adulthood, which allowed her to become familiar with the experiences and resources available to help individuals explore employment. In 2013, Sandy obtained expertise in benefits planning from MU TACE, which she has used to help individuals & families understand how work income can impact one's benefits and the options available to those individuals.

Lindsay Hartzler

Assistant Director Pre-Employment Transition Services, College of Education & Human Development, University of Missouri

Lindsay Hartzler is the Assistant Director of the Pre-ETS program. She has been a Pre-ETS Specialist with the University of Missouri since 2015. She has an Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Lindsay is a lifelong learner focused on continuous improvement and professional development. She enjoys collaborating with schools and outside agencies to meet the needs of her students. 

Shelly Brown

Universal Design and Assistive Technology Lead - Provider Relations,

Department of Mental Health - Division of Developmental Disabilities

Shelly Brown has served various roles wit the Division of Developmental Disabilities for over 20 years. She currently serves as the UDAT Lead specializing in the development and utilization of Environmental Accessibility Adaptation and Assistive Technology services to provide guidance in establishing goals of home modification and technology to be person-centered and designed to make the environment work for the individual as safely and independently as possible. Shelly is also SHIFT certified Enabling Technology Integration Specialist (ETIS), enabling her to provide an exciting perspective on how technology can advance individual outcomes. 

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Jessica Guyton, MSW, QMHP

Program Director of CPRC, Preferred Family Healthcare

Jessica Guyton has a Master's in Social Work from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Prude Global. She has worked in the behavioral health field since 2006 and started working as a case manager in 2009. Jessica has primarily been working with people who struggle with substance use disorders and mental health. For a little over two years, she also worked at Adair County SB40 supporting people who have Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.

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Staff Attorney, Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services

Will Hack is a disability rights attorney with Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services, and the Chair of the Missouri Bar's Access to Justice Committee. Will has been working in the disability law field for more than five years, and specialized in alternatives to guardianship. When he's not working, Will enjoys spending time with his wife Corinne, his 3-year-old son Mendel, and, on rare occasions, sleeping.

Scout Merry

Program Coordinator, Missouri Assistive Technology

Scout Merry has worked in the field of Assistive Technology for almost 15 years. He first worked at an independent living center in Columbia, MO and then transitioned to Missouri Assistive Technology in Kansas city, MO. Schout enjoys challenging projects and using his skills in assistive technology to make the lives of others easier and more fulfilling.

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Vice President of Development, Alzheimer's Association, Greater Missouri Chapter

Kelly Quinn is a tenacious community connector who strives to influence transformational change that betters lives. Currently, Kelly serves in a development role with the Alzheimer's Association where she pursues partnerships to elevate awareness and education of dementia through the wide range of services offered via the Association. Previously, Kelly discovered her superpowers at TinySuperheroes (TSH) as the Director of Programs. She tenaciously applied her passion to help people discover a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Kelly garners nearly two decades of non-profit leadership, development and management experience. Highlights include serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through Best Buddies International and the Pujols Family Foundation. During her time with Best Buddies, Kelly was named as a St. Louis Business Journal 40 Under 40 Honoree in 2020.

When she's not tenaciously pursuing transformational change in the community, she is with her family. She married her soulmate, Ryan. They have two curious and adventurous sons:  Harry and Eddie. She enjoys being walked by their Goldendoodle, Jerry. The Quinns love their family tradition - Friday Pizza & Movie Night!

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Holland-Orell, BCBA

Administrator of Clinical Behavioral Services, Center for Human Services

Kayla Holland-Orell is the Administrator of Clinical Behavioral Services for the Center for Human Services, a non-profit organization. In her role, she has successfully grown her own service lin at CHS. Over the past year, Kayla has provided behavior analytic services to over 16 clients in Sedalia and the surrounding rural areas. With eight years of experience in the field of behavior analysis and four years as a practicing BCBA, Kayla has worked in clinics, homes, and communities.

Kayla is passionate about the science of behavior and the life-changing effects it has on people's lives. She is a proud mother of two bold and beautiful daughters and happily married. When not working, Kayla enjoys spending time with her family, exploring outdoors, and working out.


Community Behavioral Health Liaison, Mark Twain Behavioral Health

Nicole Rohn graduated from the University of Missouri Advanced Standing Master of Social Work Program in 1994. Since that time, she has devoted her passion to assisting individuals in our communities She starts where the individual is, walking beside them until they are able to walk forward with support, then cheering them on to their goals from afar. A part of that time dedicated to those within the First Steps program working with adjusting parents and their young children. Assisting staff and those diagnosed with severe schizophrenia who were held within the Biggs Maximum Security Unit in Fulton, Missouri. Moving on to working with you and families involved in multi services across agencies across mid Missouri. The last decade has been dedicated to Northeastern Missouri individuals and families where she has worked to further First Responders wellness; providing crisis intervention team training and education focused on reducing stigma within Missouri; as well as meeting the individual needs of those who come in contact with the criminal justice system.


Kirksville R-III Parents As Teachers

Laurie Griego, Alicia Jobe, Kate Krebs, Jennifer Meyer

Missouri's Parent Education Program is a voluntary parent education program offered through local school districts, serving families who are expecting a child or have children under the age of kindergarten entry. Missouri's Parent Education Program helps to establish positive partnerships between home, school and the community and plays a vital role in supporting families and children from the very beginning toward school readiness. A trained parent educator provides home visits with families to promote early learning, knowledge and understanding of important developmental milestones. Periodic screenings increase parents' understanding of their children's developmental progress, as well as inform them of any possible delays. Early intervention for identified concerns helps improve school readiness for young children. 

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Northeast Region Senior Social Services Specialist with Adair, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Schuyler, Scotland, and Shelby Counties for Department of Social Services with Children's Division

Rachel Priest is the Northeast Social Services Specialist with Adair, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Schuyler, Scotland, and Shelby Counties for the Department of Social Services with Children's Division. She began working for the agency in November 2016 and has her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College-Columbia. Rachel is currently working on her master's degree in Social Work through University of Missouri-Columbia. She has worked to reunify families, performing investigations, as well as, recruiting and training foster parents throughout her years of service. Rachel also served in the Army National Guard for eight years from 2011-2019.

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